How to write an SEO friendly Blog post (15 Pro Tip) in English

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How to write an SEO friendly article:- You must be worried that we can write SEO friendly, so that we can easily rank on Google. We know that you also want to know how to write SEO Friendly in blog posts.

You will get its complete information in this article, you read this article completely so that you can also rank your blog in google. All this will be done by writing SEO friendly blog posts.

You have to write SEO Friendly posts or articles to easily rank any article in Google search engine and writing SEO Friendly blog post is not very difficult, just you have to use some Pro Tips.

So let's know without delay How to write an SEO friendly blog post.

How to write an SEO friendly blog post In 2020

How to do blog SEO. Before writing an SEO Friendly post you need to know that: - What is SEO and how it works?

Actually, SEO full name is "Search Engine Optimization", by doing SEO of blogs you can bring good organic traffic to your site.

In simple language, SEO Friendly Blog Post means that the post that the user understands and likes. So tell you in detail How to write SEO friendly Blog Post Style.

1. Do Keyword Research

In the beginning, the new Blogger Keyword is not used properly and does not do keyword research, they do not know how important it is to write an SEO friendly post.

When writing a post, always use a long tail keyword i.e. long word keyword in the title because short keyword will be easily ranked in long-tail keywords.

There are two types of Keyword

  1. Short Tail Keywords
  2. Long Tail Keywords show how to use both these keywords.

Short Tail Keyword:- "Online earning apps"

Long Tail Keyword:- "Best online earning apps in 2020"

2. Use Keyword Correctly in Post

Whenever you write an article, you must use Focus Keywords in the first and last paragraphs of the article, but use this keyword in the right way. For example, you can see this post in our first and last paragraphs.

You should use only 2 or 3 keywords in your blog post. If you use more keywords unnecessarily, then Google Baba will put Penalty on your website, your blog website post will never be ranked.

3. Keep Title SEO friendly of Blog Posts

The key to writing an SEO friendly post is the title of your post. Therefore, you should use the method given by us.

If you have kept the correct title of the post then your 35% - 40% SEO will be completed easily, so always focus on your main title.

  1. The post title should be written such that the user should understand on which topic has been written in your post.
  2. First of all, make the title of the most user friendly.
  3. Years, Number must be used in the title of the blog post.
  4. Do enter the Focus Keyword O, which does more searching in the title.
  5. Like we have said earlier that we must use the Long Tail Keyword in the title of the blog article.

4. Write the content of the post correctly

The better the content of the post, the more you will be able to write SEO Friendly Post, that is why it is said that "Content is always King". Keep in mind that you always have to write content or post keeping the user in mind.

5. Write long articles on the Blog

Write with Google in mind, because Google likes only articles written with details, so write a longer article with more information.

If you write a post in the Hindi language, then write at least 800-2000 words and if you write an article in English, then write at least 1100-3000 words.

So that in the Long article you can use more keywords, besides Long blog article you can apply more and more ads from Google AdSense.

By writing a long article, you will also get Google AdSense Approval soon. Due to the long post, the user will take more time to read, this will reduce your Bounce Rate.

6. Must place Alt Tag in the image

For writing SEO friendly blog post, you must use an alt tag in the image, this will make your image easy to understand Google and it will also show in the search result as an image.

7. Use Heading and SubHeading

It is very important to add Headline and Subheadline in a post, the title of your post is H1 Heading. Which is the default.

But you should write SEO friendly blog posts using SubHeading H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. Make sure that the related keyword is used in the subheading post.

8. Add External Link

Google considers External Link to be very important, external linking means adding a link from another website to your blog post.

Suppose you have written a post related to TikTok, in which you have told how to earn money from TikTok. If you can give TikTok's website as an External link in this.

But you have to take care that does not add any spam website. If you do External linking in the right way, it can also increase your page authority.

9. Add Internal Link must

Internal linking is very important to SEO the blog, in fact, Internal linking means that in the post, linking the link of another post of your own site to the text related to that other article. And this will also reduce your blog Bounce Rate. In an article, you must do at least 3 Internal linking.

10. Make Permalink (URL) Seo Friendly in Blog Post

While linking your post, SEO must be done by Permalink (URL) which optimizes your post by Google Search Engine by which it ranks, besides you must use Focus Keyword in the URL of your blog post.

Know how to make the URL of blog post i.e. Permalink SEO Friendly URL.


SEO Friendly URL

Without SEO Friendly URL

11. Use Multimedia for SEO friendly post

By multimedia, we mean that you must use Image, Youtube Video, Screenshot, GIF, in your blog post to make it easy for the user to understand.

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12. Blog Post Description (Meta Description)

Blog Post's Description (Meta Description) tells Google Search Engine or user that on which topic you have written the post.

Whenever you search in Google, then you see related words from some posts under the title of the post, that is the description of the blog. The description should not be more than 150 words.

13. Do not spell Mistakes in SEO friendly blog article

If you have to write an SEO-friendly blog post or article then you should not make mistakes of grammar. This puts an incorrect impact on SEO. For this, you can use Grammarly chrome extension.

14. Share the SEO friendly blog post with Social Media

Whenever you publish a post, share it on social media. By sharing the post on social media and you also get Off-page SEO of blog posts easily.

15. Use the Best SEO Plugins to Create SEO Friendly Blog

To write SEO Friendly Blog Post, you will need the right guidelines, for this, you will have to install the Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress.

If you are writing your blog article on Blogger then you can use SEOMOFO. We have told you in detail about the Yoast SEO Plugin setup in the previous post. Which will prove to be a boon for your blog.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article In 2020 Full information in English, you must have got from this article. If you have any other questions related to this post, then ask in the comment box without hesitation.

In conclusion, this is to say that whenever you search How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts, Then publish your post keeping in mind all the things mentioned in this article.

How to write SEO friendly blog post (15 Pro Tip) in English - If you liked it, then do share it on social media.

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