Start Small to go big [Best] Top 20 Offline Business Ideas in 2021

We told you about many Online Business Ideas but today we are going to tell you about Offline Business Ideas, which you can earn thousands of rupees a month by opening! In which I told you about the Top 20 Business, in which You are going to make a lot of profit!

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All this is in Business Ideas Free, but you will need some money to do this business! But believe me, you can definitely succeed in this! You just have to work hard! By the way, if you work online or work offline, you both have to work hard!

20 Offline Business Ideas

To do any kind of work for you, first of all you need to know what you want to do, if you understand this by yourself, then you also feel like doing that work and it should be very easy for you. Go ! I have told you about all the businesses here, you will definitely like one of them! So let's see which offline business ideas they are!

1. Gym or Fitness Center

This is the first option for you to open any gym or fitness center, because in today's time people do not have enough time to go for a walk in the morning and exercise themselves and keep their body fit! And there is not enough space in the city to walk and exercise! So many people like to go to the gym! You have to invest a little bit more in this money, but it is the most profitable! Because in this you only have to invest money once!

2. Event Organizer

This is a little hard work, but in this you get a lot of profit, for this you have to have some familiarity with the people! In this, you can take full responsibility of organizing an event in or around your city, in this you get a lot of money, like any rally, any wedding event, any big meeting you can organize. is! Nowadays a man with no money does any work by himself, for this he seeks an Event Organizer and hands over all the responsibility to him, for which he also gives him a hefty amount!

3. Interior Designer

This is a very big industry, you should have a little creative mind in it! Even if you are not, you will become one gradually! From these big cities, even in the villages, there is a lot of demand for it! Nowadays people decorate their house, buildings very well in this era of fashion, for which they need a professional, then they need a good interior designer! For this, you can do this work yourself or you can open an agency and hire people and get this work done!

4. Small Grocery Stores

If you do not have any kind of skill then you can do this work easily, I do not need any kind of skill, but you have to work a little bit in it! Because the life of a common man passes at a grocery store, he gets all his necessities at the grocery store! Here everything from eating to drinking to bathing is available! And there is a lot of profit in this work!

You can do this work in the village or city to get it, just in this you have to search for a good place, where the population is a little more, in such a situation, you can also increase your business very quickly! You can start it with very little money, for this you can start a small budget of Rs 1 to 2 lakhs too!

5. Tuition Class

The more food is necessary for the common man, the more important is education! And people can get education either in school coaching or in tuition class! And today education has become more of a kind of business, and most of the money is also in this field! If your children also study in any tuition or school, then you can guess their fees!

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Even if you open a small tuition in your home or outside this coaching class, you can easily earn a lot of money, if you have enough space and money, then you open a small children's school, because most You can earn more money from these little children only!

6. Travel Agency

After that, friends, we can open our own travel agency, it is not necessary that you have a car to open a travel agency! You can hire a car by opening a travel agency, or contact them and stay in contact with them, if any customer comes to you, then you can make your booking through them by contacting them and you can take your commission from them. !

Nowadays, it is very expensive to take your own car somewhere, because in today's time the price of petrol has increased a lot! And in such a situation, if you go somewhere, then you cannot maintain your car by yourself, so those who have their own car also like to take a rented car! And even a common man can go anywhere. He also takes a rented car, whether he wants to roam somewhere or visit a relative or anywhere, he likes to hire a car! So, your travel agency earns a lot of profit. !

7. Ice Cream Parlor

Today's business of an ice cream parlor is shining very fast! Because every little grown man likes to eat ice cream! Previously used to come to the village to sell ice cream on bicycles, but now a lot of ice cream parlors have opened, and there is a lot of variety you can easily find there! That's why people like to go to the ice cream parlor and get ice cream because they get ice cream of their choice there!

Whether you live in the village or come to the city, it does not make much difference! If you live in the village, people take a little costly ice cream, and while you live in the city, there are also your costal items sold! So keep the variety of ice cream in your ice cream parlor according to your place! You can also open it in a small place, or if you already have a shop, you can also open your own ice cream parlor! This is a very profitable deal, and along with that you can do business of drinks too!

8. Photo State and Book Binding

Can be a best option for your offline business or if you don't want to work too hard and you want to be able to earn money sitting in one place then you can do this business! Photo copy and book binding work very fast, in today's time people avoid buying thick books and copy the chapter they need from the book. And get his winding done, this work goes on very fast around college school or coaching! So if you want to do this work, then you should find a place where there is college, school or coaching!

For this, you have to have a big and good printer, along with that you also keep a computer so that you can take help of it when it is in work! And you also have to have a book binding machine! After having so many things, you can start this business by taking a small room anywhere! It does not cost you much if you get a very good printer, then you can easily buy a printer for two to ₹ 300000! And you will get a book binding machine for a few thousand rupees, just in this business start. You will only have to invest in it once! And after that your work starts going smoothly!

9. Mobile Shop

This business idea can be a best option for you, because in today's time mobile phones have become very important for every person! If every person has a mobile phone, then it is definitely bad at some time, its battery is bad, it has to be recharged or every person buys a new smartphone after some time!

If you open a mobile shop, then it gives you a lot of options, in such a situation, I will recommend that you sell the new smartphone in your mobile shop, but if you have enough space and you also have an artisan then you can use it. Repairing shop recharge and more SO series items! And you sell them, you earn a lot of profit if you like this business, then you must do it!

10. Book Store

In today's time, it is as important as education, because we get education from books and books are available at any book store only! Nowadays books are found to be very expensive whether it is from a nursery class child or a student studying in college. All books have become very expensive. People do not buy books online because they do not know that they have any He goes to a bookstore to get a book.

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If you want to open a bookstore then it will prove to be very beneficial for you! You can open it around a college or around a school, and here along with your books, you can keep more important items of desire like - copy, pen or even more stationery items!

11. Mineral Water Supplier

This business of mineral water supply is spreading very fast these days! And it is also earning the most because every man needs water, without it a human being cannot live! I told you in a previous article that what is the difference between mineral water and drinking water? Both these waters are very expensive, and which people buy and drink!

You can also set up an RO plant to start this business! And start your own business! People ask for mineral water to drink water every day, even at weddings or any other event, people ask for mineral water!

You do not have any kind of harm in this! Yes, but water is very much in it, so if you are starting this business, then you must use the wasted water somewhere! This will also make your business good, and the waste of water will not be too much because in today's time water has become very important for human beings!

12. Cold Drinks and Snacks

This can be a business of benefit for the business, because every person likes to drink cold drinks whether it is summer or rainy or cold! And with cold drinks he eats something!

You are doing this work in any of your small shops or you are doing any business and if there is enough space there, then you can start this business in that place too, you can take it as a side business too!

13. Bakery Products

In today's time, it is spreading very fast, in this you can do 2 - 3 business at the same time! Like I told you, ice cream parlor, cold drink and this business can be started simultaneously, because these three businesses are very similar to each other!

Nowadays it is very important to have a bakery product and at home, if any guest comes to your house or any event, then some bakery product is definitely given in it, like cakes, pastry rolls, patties, etc.!

14. Garments Tailor

By the way, this business is not that much popular because nowadays every person has started buying readymade clothes whether they buy from a shop or online! But if you run this business, then you make a lot of profit in it!

15. Plant Nursery

Plant nursery business grows very fast. I personally know many people who are earning a lot of money from this business! In this, you can grow and sell flower plants and vegetable plants too!

You should have enough land to start this business, only then you can start this business! If you take land on rent from someone and start it, then there is very little benefit in this! But if you start your own land or start a business, you can plant your plant as much as you want. , And can use it as you like! If you have so much land, then you can start this business easily! In this, you get a profit of ₹ 40 to ₹ 80 from one plant, if you sell 50 plants in a day, then you can earn a lot of money easily!

16. Digital Studio

Digital Studio's business is a very popular business, and it is also a professional business! It is a business from small level to big level! If you are a good photographer, you have a lot of chances that you can go to the Bollywood industry! With this you can sell it online from wedding to wedding to any event or you can do wildlife photography, which gives you good money!

For this you have to have the skill of photography and it is also necessary to have a professional camera, only then you can become a photographer and run your own digital studio! Nowadays, if anyone has to change their profile pickup on WhatsApp on Facebook or on any other social media, then they want to be photographed by a professional photographer and they are willing to pay big money for this!

17. VideoGraphy

Videography is also a good Offline Business Ideas. In today's time, any event, be it a wedding or a wedding be a birthday, people do a videography of all the programs! For this you can also open a video studio where you can do video shooting, video editing, video mixing work, or you can hire people and get them working! For this you get a good amount!

18. Fast Food Shop

Now I read this article or you go to the market after reading this article, then you reach the fast food corner first and there is definitely something to eat and drink!

In today's time, you can set up a fast food corner in one place or you can also build your own fast food van which can give convenience everywhere in your city and it is quite trending too!

19. Electronic Shop

The business of electronics shops is a very good business, in which you earn the most profit and the hardest is the least! Everyone has electronic items in their home such as electric bulbs, wires, switch boards, fans, coolers, AC, TV, etc. Many electronic gadgets are in the house! And you buy them from some shop or shop! So in such a situation you can do this business easily, you just have to invest money and it does not require much work! In today's time, whether a small house or a big apartment is being built, everything is very much in need of electronic goods and in such a situation your business emerges very fast!

20. Artificial Jewelry Shop

Artificial Jewelry Shop is a great and profitable business! In this, you can run this shop by mixing artificial jewelry gift items, children's toys, etc.! Artificial jewelry has become the first choice of the people in today's time! Children are fond of artificial jewelry from big to large, because they get such good jewelry at such a cheap price and it is very attractive jewelry! This business is very beneficial for you, if you want to do, then together you can do it with the gift shop!

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Friends, I hope you have liked this article, I have just told you about Offline Business Ideas, and we hope that you must have liked one of these Offline Business Ideas!

To do this you need capital, for this you can take a loan or you can take the help of a big one or you can send the goods on your credit and pay them money later! It depends on you how you want to grow your business or do it!

Everyone needs an idea and capital to do any business! As I have to use my brain to do this business, and together I need a laptop and some gadgets for which I need money. If you liked this article then share it with your friends and If you have any questions and suggestions, you can contact us at We Tech Creators!

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