26 Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas, Villages in India | Village Business Ideas in 2021

Know which business you can start and earn well by staying in the village, complete information

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 Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas, Villages in India (Image Source : Online)

Friends, we all have our own ideas, some want to do business by staying in the city and some want to do business by staying in the village. But those who go to the city and work in their business or any company, it is not necessary that they earn a lot of money. Those people would also have problems. Unless there is some problem in your work, you will not be successful in those works.

Many people say that success is not achieved in the business of the village. That's why those people come to work living away from the village and their families to live their lives. But this is not true at all. You can earn well by doing good business even while living with your village and family. You have to get some information about how you can do good business by staying in the village. So today we will talk about such a business which can be started in the village.

All the people of the village want that they should not keep their life and living conditions less than the people of the city. But in order to become like them, you will also have to do some such business, i.e. business, so that you can take advantage of all the comforts by staying in the village. Perhaps those people who want to do business by staying in the village have come to our page after searching, thank you very much. We will try to give you the best information so that you can earn well in the village by staying with your family.

1) Seed Manure Shop

If you live in the village then you can open a seed fertilizer shop along with farming. Instead, you can save the time of the farmers by giving the facility of seeds and fertilizers to the farmer of the village. You can save time and hassle for the farmers by keeping good quality seeds, different types of fertilizers. And you will also get profit.

2) Plant Nursery

Plant nursery business is very popular. Everyone now wants to keep their house green with flowers and leaves. So that their house also looks good and there is a balanced atmosphere in the house. For this, you can make this business a reality by staying in the village itself. Because this business requires a lot of space. And you can do this business from offline to online as well. And keep in touch with the big shopkeepers so that your plant can be sold to the wholesale seller. And you get a profit of lakhs.

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3) Transport Goods –

In every village some farmers are rich, some farmers are poor, some farmers have their own tractor trolley and some farmers don't have their own tractor trolley but if your village also has this problem then you too By taking advantage of this problem, you can start your own business by solving it.

Every farmer in the village does the cultivation of sugarcane, wheat, but he brings them to the city to sell them, for which he has to be taken by some person in a tractor trolley or any vehicle if you have a vehicle through which If you can take the goods of other farmers to the city, then you can start this transportation business.

By doing this business, you can take a lot of money from the farmer, to start this business, you will have to buy only one vehicle, if it is a tractor, then it will be even better and you will have to put your cost on that tractor just once and after that this business can

4) Medical Store –

Whether it is a village or a city, a person everywhere falls ill, if any villager is sick, then he comes to the city to get treatment for his illness and to take any medicine, if there is this problem in your village too and you have applied for B Pharma or Biotech. If done then you can start this business

You can open a medical store in your village, the villagers go to the city because there is no medical in their village, to start this business, you can keep medicines for different diseases in a shop, you can also take medicines from the direct company. Can medicines have a lot of margin

With which you can earn 1500 to 2000 rupees per day, if you take these medicines from direct companies, then you will get more discounts on these medicines, if you want, you can also keep some workers in your shop.

5) Labour Dealership –

 If you live in the village and you have a very good rapport with the urban people, you know many urban people, then you can start this business. There are many rural people who come to the city to do their wage work. You make a list of such people in your village and you contact big urban people and through them get those workers to work every day, by doing this you can take commission in between.

And you can become a very big contractor by doing this. Big contractors have become so rich today by starting their business like this, you will not need a single rupee to start a business and you can earn a lot of profit in this business. Because every day someone's house is built, every day someone or the other needs a laborer.

6) Construction Materials Shop –

 Whether it is a village or a city, houses are built everywhere, if there is no construction shop around your village, then you can earn a lot of money by opening a construction shop in your village. To start this business, you will have to open a construction shop in which You will have to keep kankar, cement, bars etc. You can bring these goods from a direct distributor or even from the company.

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You get a good margin on these goods and you can earn a lot of money by doing this business, these goods are bought by villagers mostly from urban areas and they also cost to bring them if you open this shop in the village itself. He will buy this stuff from you because the cost of his travel will be saved, in this business you can earn a lot of profit.

7) Buy And Sell Goods –

 There are many people in the village who make different types of things like pottery, clay toys etc. These things are not available in the city and these things are very much liked by the urban people if there are such people in your village also. Those who make various different things then you can start this business

All you have to do is to contact those people and buy their goods at low prices and sell them in the city at good prices, this business is considered a very popular business, in this business you can earn a lot by doing this business. You will benefit and the talent of the person from whom you buy the goods will also reach others.

8) General Store –

There are many such people in the village who come to the city to take their small things because there is no such shop available in the village which sells the things of their everyday life, in the village you can open a shop in which you can keep the little things

In the shop, you can keep different types of things used in everyday life, you can start this business from 10000 to ₹ 20000 and you also get a lot of profit in this business.

By opening this general store, you can also attract the people of the village around you, you can earn a lot of money by doing this business because there are many things on which the margin is good.

9) Poultry Farming –

You can also open a chicken farm by staying in the village, to open a chicken farm, you have to buy empty space and many chickens, you will have to raise these chickens and you can also sell eggs from these chickens, chicken can be available to you at very low prices. if you buy it from a big dealer.

You can get more profit in this business if you buy a lot of chickens at once. In this business you can also invest money. According to you, this business is an evergreen business.

10) Floriculture

Yes friends, you must be thinking whether we will get money by cultivating flowers. If you are thinking, then it is a very good thing, if you feel that how will such money come from cultivating flowers, then I want to explain with an example, so that you will also feel like doing this business. So you will be compelled to cultivate flowers.

When you go to any party function, you see fresh flowers. So those flowers are real, which are grown in large quantities in the field. Your flowers will be useful in all those things. And open a shop in one of your markets and find out which flowers are in demand the most. Accordingly, grow flowers in your field. And in a big city, you can talk to the shopkeepers and give them your flowers daily. Because there is a lot of demand for flowers in big cities.

11) Milk Center

Milk center will prove to be very good for you. Because all the people in the village keep cows and buffaloes. And everyone in the village also sells milk, so by buying milk from the animal husbandry, you can earn good money by supplying it in the city, you have to contact the dairy farm to start a milk center. By which you can sell the milk of all the villagers at one place and also in a dairy form. But when you start a milk center business then you may need some machinery items. Such as a weighing machine, billing machine as well as milk fat measuring machine and you will need a machine to measure the quantity.

12) Mini Cinema –

Nowadays everyone likes to watch movies. But if they do not get facilities nearby, then the people of the village are not able to see. Then this business can prove to be very good for you. When people are not able to get happiness after having their mind and money, then the same people run towards the city. In such a situation, you can start the business of mini cinema without any worries. Due to which the villagers will also get facilities and you will also get profit.

By showing a movie through a projector, the people of the village will be aware and they will also get new information about the world. You can also make people aware by showing videos related to rural farming, by doing this the villagers will also be aware and you will spread awareness to them. Can take a good amount of money to enter the cinema house

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To start this business, you will have to invest at least ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 40000, you can charge at least ₹ 20 to ₹ 50 for each film, so that your investment will come out within 3 to 4 months. You can also run three to four shows in a day in your cinema, this business is called mini cinema house.

13) Flour and Rice Mill

This business is also growing very fast inside the village, you can make your own brand and sell rice and flour in your local market. To start this business in the wholesale market, you have to buy a machine, get a license. The total cost of starting all this can range from 2 to 2.5 lakhs, so that you can earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month.

14) Tent House Business

This business is also a very high running business within the village and a lot of money can be earned by starting this business, the best thing about this business is that you do not need to invest money again and again once you have completed the entire tent. If you buy the goods of the house, it will last for many years.

A lot of money can be earned from this business in the wedding season and the demand for this business is good in the rest of the season too, if you do not have much money inside the village to start the tent house business, then you can start small scale in the beginning. Start with, it will cost you 1 to 1.5 lakhs, you can start it by buying whatever is more important stuff.

15) Auto Rickshaw Cart Business

Mostly there is a lack of transport inside the village, people do not have much facility to go from one place to another, in such a situation, if you take any vehicle, auto rickshaw, this e-rickshaw can drive it in your village area and this You can earn a lot of daily money, for this you should know driving, to start this business, your cost can be from 3 to 6 lakhs, it depends on you which car you take.

16) Fish farming

The business of fish farming is also considered one of the profitable businesses, you can easily start it from your village, for this you will need a little land where you can dig a pit and make a pond and fish in it.

The cost in fish farming depends on the business, that is, the bigger the business, the bigger the cost can be, you can build a small pond in 20 to 25 thousand and together with adding seeds and other expenses for fish, it will cost 50 to 60 thousand. start a small fish farming business

17) Mobile Recharge Shop

Everyone has started having mobile phones now. That's why you can easily open a mobile recharge shop in the village. You must be thinking that all the work has started happening online, so what is the need of this shop in the village? We all know that despite having online work, many people do not know how to recharge online. So apart from mobile recharge, there are many mobile accessories, such as mobile cover, mobile charger, there are many things that you can sell and earn good money in the village.

18) RO water business

There is some problem with drinking water in the village, due to which people are not able to drink pure drinking water, due to which people have health problems. So by taking water from the same village and filtering it, you can transport it from house to house by vehicle. So that everyone can drink clean and clean water. There is not much investment in it. To start this business, you have to get the license of ISI as well as get your company registered.

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You will need a space of 800 to 1200 feet for this business. A big machine will have to be taken to filter water, which will come for about two or two and a half lakh rupees. You will need a vehicle and some people for the delivery of water.

19) Goat farming business

You can start a goat farming business while living in the village at a very low cost. In our country about 75 percent of people eat meat and goat meat is very much liked. Apart from this, goat's milk is also very beneficial and many people use it.

For goat farming, first you have to choose a place where you have to build a farm. You have to build a shed for the goats in that farm so that they can stay safe in summer, winter and rain. In this, the goat, goat and their children will have to be kept separate by dividing it. Care, vaccination and cleanliness of goats will have to be taken care of. Goats give birth to 2-3 babies at a time, so your profit increases a lot.

20) Aloe Vera Cultivation Business

We all know about Aloe Vera, how much it has become more popular day by day, due to which your farming is going to benefit you a lot. Aloe vera is a type of plant whose leaves are filled with gel, due to which many people have started needing those gels for face and health. That is why the demand is increasing due to many companies making aloe vera gel and selling it in the market. As we know, land is available cheap in the village, space is also available in sufficient quantity. So that you will not face any problem in cultivating it.

21) Beekeeping Business

Beekeeping is a very old and popular business. By starting this business in the village, you can earn up to 20 lakh rupees in a year. For this business neither you need any land nor raw material will be required.

For beekeeping, three types of bees are reared by selecting queen bee, male bee and female bee. They are reared on different types of trees. For this, a box made of wood and a net is needed to put it on. Apart from this, there should be gloves etc. for your safety.

22) Clothing business

Clothing business is very much preferred as it can earn more profit in less cost. You can start with a small level in the beginning and then increase it later. You can sell the type of clothes that are in trend in your village and also start a business of children's clothing. You can sell readymade clothes, do tailoring work, open a shop selling sarees and also sell woolen clothes in your shop.

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23) Diagnostic Center

Nowadays, many new diseases have been seen, due to which people have increased a lot of trouble. That is why medical facilities to the people from the city to the village have increased a lot. In some villages, the facility of government hospital has been provided as well as a medicine shop, but due to non-availability of all medicines, people have to face problems. Therefore, if you give facilities from medicine to test houses, then you will get a lot of profit. If you start this business in the village then you will also get help from the government. It will cost very little money to start this business.

24) Mustard oil mill

In this business, oil is extracted from mustard seeds and sold. For this an oil mill has to be opened. It takes 1 to 2 lakh rupees to open a mill. In this, you have to buy good mustard seeds from the farmers and after extracting the oil, you have to pack it well. Bottle or pouch in which you can pack. Then it is sold in the market by labeling its company. The cake left in it is bought by animal husbandry farmers etc.

25) Card Printing Business

Nowadays cards are printed on many occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays etc. You can also do this work by starting a printing press in your village. You can do this work from your home or from anywhere. For this work you have to buy a computer, printing machine and raw material. Workers will also have to be hired according to their work. It will cost you a total of six to seven lakh rupees and you can earn sixty to seventy thousand rupees.

26) Animal Husbandry

It is very easy to do animal husbandry in the village. Because you get a lot of space so that you do not have any problem. Now we know what is the meaning of animal husbandry, its meaning is to raise goats, chickens, buffaloes and cows in which you buy animals and sell them for profit in the village itself. Or a shopkeeper of the city contacts you and buys the animal from you. These businesses are also running a lot so that you can get more profit. So you can do this business easily.

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