Data Entry Job Work from Home || Know How to do Data Entry Job Sitting at Home

You can earn from ₹ 15000 to ₹ 35000 every month through Data Entry Job sitting at home.

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Are you a housewife? Are you a student? Or looking to make money instantly? And are looking for such sources which are reliable?? Or even after applying for jobs in many places, you are not getting any answer from any side? And in the corona period if you are also losing your job ?So today's information is very suitable and beneficial for you!

Those who find it impossible or difficult to go for work outside the home, or women who have to stay at home due to small children in the house, have the qualifications, desire and skill, also have the hope of doing something. And if a job can be found sitting at home, which can help in the expenses of the house?

So your search will end here, for the job we are going to tell about today, you do not need to go anywhere, you only have your smart phone, laptop or desktop, even then you can do data entry sitting at home. You can earn a good monthly income by doing a job!

What is a data entry job?

Data entry job simply means to enter data. Entering the data, updating the data from time to time and maintaining the data is the working task of the data entry job in the given work of the client.

What is involved in a data entry job?

If you do not know anything about this job, then no problem, we will tell you complete information about data entry job. Usually you must have seen that in schools, colleges, universities, information about the students is displayed in front of you on a single click of the computer. When do you ever go for admission? So there you must have seen the clerical staff putting information on the computer in front of you many times. How does this information get on the computer?

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When you search on any website to find a job, then you get many options on that site, along with the details list of the work comes on the front interface, that too information is uploaded in the computer through data entry only. Is performed.

Whenever we go to the RTO office for any work, then just by entering our vehicle number, all the information is visible on the computer screen! All these details are recorded with our name in the RTO office, that recording work is also done through data entry.

The data of the people who do jobs, their job details and information about their salary is also fitted in the computer. That work is also done through data entry, from this you must have understood that what is data entry work. It happens?

Who can do data entry job?

Anyone can do the job of data entry, but it is very important for you to have basic computer knowledge. If you know how to work in MS Access, MS Word and you have good typing speed then you can do this data entry job.

How is a data entry job done?

Data entry jobs are available to you in two types, one is the offline data entry job and the other is the online data entry job!

Offline Data Entry Job – In this you will not need internet. You can get work sitting at home. Details of work are delivered to you by an agency by post or courier at home. After that you have to complete the work within the given time and send it back by courier or post.

Online Data Entry Job – In this you have to work online, in which you need a good internet connection. It is very important to have a laptop or desktop, if you have typing speed 40 to 60 words per minute then your For this job is perfect.

Where to get data entry jobs?

You will find many websites from where it is very easy to get data entry jobs. You have to register your name on those websites. No registration charges are to be paid on such websites, but nowadays some websites also charge registration charges. But that is a nominal fee. It depends on the website. Once you have registered your name on such website, then after that jobs will be available to you according to your knowledge and skill through those websites.

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Among such websites there are many such websites like,, You will get a lot of work on these websites.

On such a website, information about the requirements and work of new jobs is given and you are selected according to your skills. In which this website plays the role of a mediator, who connects the client to you. This website pays you for your work by minus the commission to get you work. Due to which these websites run their work by connecting millions of people.

Today thousands of people are earning lakhs of rupees from such websites! All you have to do is create a profile of your own by registering on such a website through which clients get information about you and you are easily given the job.

If you submit your work honestly and well before the deadline, then you are given a star out of five stars from the client. Through which new clients also approach you. Due to which you are recommended in day to day tasks. Due to which your clients will also increase and you will also get new work from time to time. You just have to do the work honestly and diligently!

What are the jobs involved in a data entry job?

By the way, the job of data entry is very big. It covers many areas. Updating, maintaining, sending data of students of schools, universities, colleges is the work of entry of offline data. Working for RTO office, working in EXCEL sheet, making salary slip, working for bank, you also get many such offline jobs in which you have to convert PDF. Some clients provide audio video recording files and give the task of typing the recorded things in it, they also get the work done by you to get them written.

Main functions of data entry job-

Translation job, copy paste job, export file in different format, web research, data scraping, data conversion, image to text, plain text typing, reformatting and correlation, medical transcription, content writing, translation job, copy paste work, many such The work comes in data entry.

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Also, in the business in which people's details have to be entered, in which marriage bureau, job bureau are such matrimonial sites or jobs sites and entering the names of people in its data, maintaining, updating, always data entry for this. operator is required. In this, you can also get a job very easily. Because such website drivers are always looking for such candidates, who keep maintaining their website!

When and where to start?

If you are diligent and you are ready to work, then from now on, you can use your knowledge and skills to earn money from your own hard work, and not busy doing 9 to 5 jobs to use your mind for others. is there any need. All you need is a laptop or desktop and a good internet connection! Basic knowledge of computer and good typing speed!

How much money can be earned from a data entry job?

There is no limitation in this. You can have as many clients as you want and you can do as many jobs as you want. With your hard work and dedication, you can do your work and there is no limit to generate or earn income! You can earn a lot if you want! You just have to keep yourself updated and at the same time you have to maintain your knowledge too! You will have to keep doing research which will be useful for you to keep reading always. One has to be alert as to what is going on around these days because in many data entry jobs there is a lot of focus on research. Because of which it is also very important for you to be updated with the knowledge. It is also very important to maintain that knowledge as well. If you have to do something good, do it for yourself, then you can earn a lot of money by doing data entry jobs even sitting at home!

Is there any risk in data entry job??

Although there is no risk in data entry job, but nowadays many fake websites are coming which are asking for money from the candidate to give work. Through which they falsely propagate that you pay so much money and we will give you work! So you have to take care of yourself first and be alert whether that website is a proper website or is it fake? Because you come to know in the review of the website that people have earned money from that website or actually gives you money by working?? Because some fake website makes people work for the whole month and response on time of payment stop giving! That's why you have to pay attention to these websites after checking your own thinking and then start your work.

Where to start data entry job?

If you are new to this field or you have never done data entry work before, then you will have to learn small tasks first. After which you will develop knowledge and skills and you will also get confidence that what can you do next? Therefore, about which you have complete knowledge, or have basic knowledge, then to do the same task, you should say yes to the client! If you do not have any knowledge about any task, then you can tell the client that I I am fresher and I don't know much about this work. Clients will trust you and will also provide you complete information. You do not have to face any problems regarding work in this, just you will have to openly speak your queries to clients, due to which the client's confidence in you will also increase and there will be no problems in the future with your honest behavior and you will increase in work. Will get it too.

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