Government Scheme 2021 for Widow Women

Complete information of government scheme for all widow women in 2021

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Hello friends, all of you know and understand that living a normal life has not been easy in today's time, and if the woman's financial condition remains on the trust of her husband, then the widow's life becomes financially weak. In such a situation, various types of government schemes have been implemented by the government, which make the life of the widow financially good and in view of the economic condition of the widows, many schemes are being run by the government Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme, Widow Women in State Service Commission. for. Separate quota, Pradhan Mantri Sewing Machine Scheme as well as the government scheme run by different states, today we will talk about the scheme run by the government for widow women through this post.

1) Widow Pension Scheme :

Under the Widow Pension Scheme, those women get a pension whose husband dies untimely and there is an initiative to strengthen them financially, pension is available in all the states and its process is different. This scheme is an initiative to empower widow women financially.

How to fill the form for Widow Pension Scheme:

You can apply for the Widow Pension Scheme both online or offline. To apply online, fill it from the official website of the state government and if you are going to fill it offline, then you can take the form from the Department of Women and Child Welfare and fill it and submit the same. Its purpose is to benefit widow women, the state government gives money to the widow woman in a certain form, for this the necessary documents have to be submitted.

2) Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme :

There is an age limit for getting pension under Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme, widow women from 40 years to 59 years get the benefit of just pension, under this scheme an amount of Rs 300 is available every month for the financial condition of the widow woman. is. For this only women with BPL cards can apply and can take advantage of this scheme.

3) Mahila Shakti Kendra Scheme

The Mahila Shakti Kendra scheme has been launched by the central government. In order to protect and empower women through this scheme, 201 has been operated by Women and Child Development in 2017 through the Umbrella Scheme Mission. Under this scheme, work is done to make rural women empowered and independent through community participation and work according to their ability as well as to make them experienced. The implementation of this scheme is being done at the central level, state level and district level. Women empowerment has been encouraged through this scheme, as well as widowed women have got relief under this scheme.

4) Mahila E Haat Scheme

• Mahila E Haat has started to make women self-reliant. Under this scheme, women are to be made self-reliant, the main objective of this scheme is on women living alone and widow women living at home. Keeping in mind the people, this scheme has been implemented, for this, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has prepared a platform according to which women work and through this women can also earn through their skills and interests. Huh. The Ministry of Child Development has named this scheme Mahila 'e-Haat', which aims to make women self-reliant.

5) Swadhar Greh Yojana

Keeping in view the present times, the Swadhar scheme was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2002 to rehabilitate women in difficult circumstances, this scheme provides shelter, food, clothing and care according to the needs of those women and girls. Its beneficiaries include their families and relatives, women prisoners released from jail and widows without family support, women survivors of natural calamities, terrorist and extremist violence etc. Its main implementing agencies are mainly NGOs which are working day by day for the upliftment of widow women.

6) Prime Sewing Machine Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Sewing Machine Scheme will be started in 2020. The main objective of this scheme is a new medium to make women living alone or widows self-reliant and empowered, which has been implemented by the Modi government in 2020. Women are encouraged to become self-employed and self-reliant. The same woman is learning to stand on her own feet. Under this scheme, sewing machines are provided to poor and needy women who are lonely or widows. This is a meaningful scheme of the central government. One of them is, women are earning money sitting at home today, doing tailoring work and are financially weak. They are moving away and making good income too. The mantra of the scheme is that somehow women should be taught to earn with the changing times, that widows and single women should not spread their hands in front of anyone, they should earn their living by working themselves, in fact many women are empowered by this scheme. happened.

Scheme for Widow Women

In fact, apart from pension for widowed women, there is very little government scheme, whose name is in the name of widow or divorced women, but if we talk about the scheme for widow women, then it would be wrong to say that there is no scheme.

In fact, there are many schemes for widow women as seen, there is a separate seat reserved for widow women in any competition exam, widow women are the first priority in many government work. There is a separate post in the State Service Commission for widow women, which is done keeping in mind the economic condition so that the single widow woman can be empowered.

Scheme for the upliftment of widow women:

In today's time, many NGOs are working for the upliftment of widow women, widow women should not be financially weak, so they are given priority in jobs in the private sector also, widow women are getting benefits in many schemes. Yes, under the Ujjwala scheme, a widow woman also gets a gas cylinder. Widow pension is available, widow women also get reservation in the field of employment.

Reservation for Widow Women:

Widow women get reservation in any government job, any competition exam is held, in that case widow women also get relaxation in age limit. Being a widow woman also makes a difference in the rank of merit. Women get the benefit of reservation when they are widows, the same helps in promotion. After the death of the husband, if the woman is educated, then there is also a compassionate appointment.

Documents required for the benefit of the scheme:

• Aadhar card and voter ID card

• Income certificate

• Age certificate

• Husband's death certificate

• Address proof

• Copy of bank passbook

• Mobile number

• Passport size photo

How to apply for any scheme?

Widow women from 25 years to 59 years can apply for any scheme.

• For this, the same woman can apply who does not have any kind of job, otherwise the widow woman cannot apply for the scheme related to any widow woman and will not get the benefit of any scheme.

• Financially weak, widow and disabled women can also apply for the scheme related to women.

• You can apply for the scheme through both offline and online mode.

• In case you are applying online, you should have all the necessary documents, you can register for the scheme by going to the official website, and fill the correct information after reading the form thoroughly.

• If you fill the application form after reading it properly, then you will have to submit the form to the Women and Child Development Department along with the necessary documents. After that you will start getting the benefits of the scheme.

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