Sell Photos and Make Money Online | Top 6 Sites to Sell Photos in 2021

Friends, today's time is becoming completely digital and people are earning money online sitting at home, some from youtube, some from blogging, some from affiliate marketing and some by selling photos online. Friends, if you also want to Sell Photos and Make Money Online, then in today's article I am going to tell you some websites to sell the photos taken by you, on which you can create your account and earn a lot of money by selling photos online.

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Sell Photos and Make Money Online : (File Photo)

If you are also fond of photography or you want to sell and take photos, then you can make a lot of money in this field. Many people keep searching on google How to sell photos online. And some people are earning a lot of money by selling photos online.

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Many people are fond of photography and share the photos taken on social media but there they get nothing but likes and comments, but if you sell the photos taken by you on the online website then you You can earn money as well as do any other work.

So come friends, now we tell you how you too can earn money online by selling photos –

Equipment needed to take photos

Friends, if you want to Sell Photos and Make Money Online, then the most important thing is that you should have a mobile or DSLR camera to take photos, with the help of which you can take photos. In today's time, such mobile phones have come, whose picture quality is very good and phones are also very cheap, so if you cannot buy a DSLR Camera, then you can take a photo from a mobile phone and sell it online. .

If you have or can buy a DSLR Camera, then it is a very good thing because the picture quality of the photo you will take and sell should be very good.

How to take photo (Sell photos online india)

Those who must be coming to work in this field for the first time must be thinking that how to sell your photos online. Brother, first of all you should know how to take a photo because unless the quality of your picture is not maintained, you will not be able to earn money, you should know the angle of taking a photo, even if you are new now, you will gradually learn that How to take photo.

Nowadays there are many websites that are buying photos but not all websites are trusted, I have analyzed some websites which can give you good money and there are no fake websites. The fake website will not give you money, so you must read this article completely.

Sell ​​Photos and Make Money Online on Your Own website-

The best platform for you is that you can create your own website and earn money by uploading photos. You can get some extra benefits like –

  • You can set the price of the photo yourself.
  • You can control what kind of photo you want to show on the website.
  • You can set your own terms and conditions.

Even if you do not have your own website, you can create your website with the help of youtube and attract buyers by uploading beautiful photos.

Best place to sell photos online

1- – (Sell Photos and Make Money Online 2021)

On this website, you can upload the photos taken by you, this is a very trusted website which also gives money to the people on time. To go to the shutterstock website, first you have to go to the website of, there first you have to create your account, while creating the account, you have to sign up by entering your name, email id, password, after that on your mail id. A verification mail will come which you have to verify, after which your dashboard will open.

By going there, you can upload the photo by going to the option with photos, but you have to keep in mind that there should not be a copied image of anyone, you should have a photo taken of your own, only then your account will be approved or else you will be blocked. After uploading the photo, you will have to wait for at least 12 hours, during which this website will check whether your uploaded image is original or not, if your image is original then you can start earning money.

2- –

In the same way, you can create your account on this website too, this website is also very good and simple too, on this website ( you can upload only 10 photos in a week, after uploading the photo it will verify whether your The image uploaded by is not copyrighted, if the copied image is not there then this website will make your uploaded photo live. If a Bayer likes your photo, then he will buy your photo and you will get money in return.

3- IStock –

Istock is also a very good website for photo selling, its registration process is very easy, you can easily earn money by uploading photos on this website. On this website you have to upload three photos and after uploading this website will check the standard quality of all the three photos, if the photo uploaded by you matches the standard quality of the website, then the website will approve the registration done by you and then You will be able to earn money.

Click here to register –

4- Alamy

Alamy is also a very best platform for selling photos because its rules are not very hard. But you will get less buyer but still this is also a good platform to sell photos.

Register here –

5- Adobe Stock

You can also blindly trust Adobe Stock because it is also a trusted website where people are earning money by selling photos. Its platform is very big, so there are many competitors on this website but it gives 100% money. The harder you work, the more money you will earn. You will find many videos on youtube that how you have to register on this website and upload photos.

Click here to register –

6- Getty Images

You can also earn money by uploading images in Getty Images, this is also a best website, this website is running since 1995 and is a trusted website. In this also you can get approval by registering on this website, if you upload a photo and a buyer buys your photo, then this company gives you only 20%. You will find many videos on youtube that how you have to register on this website and upload photos.

Click here to register –

What type of photos can I upload?

It doesn't matter what kind of photo you want to sell, you can upload photos of rivers, mountains, waterfalls, trees, plants, animals, houses, schools, temples, cities, nature etc.

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How and how much will you earn?

Friends, although every website has its own policy and terms and conditions, but the simple process is that you upload the photo, then the company keeps some percent of the price of the photo with itself, the rest pays you now. To pay, you will have to give your bank account number to the website or if you want to take your payment in paypal, then you will have to create a paypal account, after which you will be able to withdraw the payment. All the companies have different rates, usually you get a commission ranging from 20% to 50%.

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