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If you want packing work sitting at home in 2021, then read full information

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The entire time of women goes to household chores, taking care of children, protecting the elderly. In such a situation, if women want to do something for themselves, then there is a lot of problem. In such a situation, women want to do some such work, which is low cost and income is also good.

In such a situation, we are going to tell you a very interesting task for women sitting at home, which can also give them a new direction and that is the work of packing. So let's know how women should start packing work sitting at home

What is packing? :

Friends, if you know what is the work of packing, then this is the best thing. If you do not know, then we are going to tell you that the work of packing means that companies give you some parcels, you have to pack them.

For example, suppose you are working in Amazon's company and from there you get Parcels meaning products, then you just have to pack them in the box. Other than that you don't need to do much. If you do this work then you can earn good money for the month. We have given you good information about how much money you can earn by doing this work of the month.

How can packing work be done?

It is believed that packing work will not bring good income but this is wrong. Many times you and I go to wedding, birthday, anniversary, reception party where it is mandatory to give gifts. Even if the gift is small, but if its packing is very good, then people start feeling that there must be some good gift inside. The meaning of saying here is that the packing should always be such that the attention of the people is attracted.

Women can easily do this packing work sitting at home and a lot of money can also be earned. In the coming few days many festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas are going to come. At such a time, there will be a lot of packing gift items in the market, the beautiful packing you see in packing gift items like sweets, chocolates is not done by any shopkeeper, but all this is done by women sitting at home.

You can also do packing sitting at home and supply it to shops, hotels during these festive seasons. In this you also get good commission. No training will be required in this job, just you have to show full interest in your packing work. Gradually this business will grow and you will only benefit.

What is Packing Work?

As I have told you above, there are different types of packing work. You need packing to do this job. If you do not know packing, then you can go to the company for which you are working and learn by seeing how all the people there packing.

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After learning you can start your work from home. In this, you will be given different boxes for all the products for packing. Because some products will be small and big too. For all of them you will be given some small and big boxes.

The most important thing to tell you is that whenever you go to take this job, then definitely remember that, you will be given Boxes and other items for packing from there. For this you need to have a place in your house.

If you already live in a small house and you do not have a place to live, then you may have to face a lot of problems after packing the goods.

Cost of packing business

Whenever we start a business, we start worrying about the expenses because in any business, we spend more than we think, but in the packing business, you do not need to panic and worry. It does not cost much to start this business. In the beginning, you can start your packing business from home with ₹ 4000 or ₹ 5000. As your business grows, so will your production capacity. Which will only benefit you. You can start this business by taking some time out from your routine.

Creative thinking is essential in the business of packing

If you want to move forward by adopting the business of packing from home, then for this you have to have a creative thinking. Through which you can attract the attention of your customers by packing in a new way. Each time one type of packing can get boring in work, so it would be right to change with different designs, colors, fabrics. You also don't have to make the customer feel that your work remains the same every time. In such a situation, with the help of new fabrics, ribbons, pearls, decorative items, you can adopt the method of packing. If you want, you can earn a lot from business by taking ideas from social media too.

No big setup needed

Many times it happens that women are hesitant to start this business. They feel that they need some big space for this whereas this is not true. You do not need a huge amount of space for the business of packing. You can start it from a small room from your home itself. If you want, you can also take help from a colleague for yourself, so you need not to be afraid and panic but move forward with confidence.

How to do attractive packing?

If you want to take advantage of packing sitting at home, then you will also have to do attractive packing for it. To attract more and more customers towards you, you will also have to do the packing differently according to each occasion. Whenever packing for children's birthday is to be done, packing it with ribbon or colorful paper. When packing for a wedding or reception, pearls or artificial flowers can be used in it. While packing for a festival, a gift can be made more attractive with colorful lace.

In this way, you can earn a lot of money by developing your thinking and packing in new ways. It is not absolutely necessary that you use only expensive items. If you want, you can pack charm with the things kept in the house itself.

Social media can also be helpful

If you want to move forward by doing packing business, then social media will help you in this. You will not need to go anywhere for this. You can easily do this work from home. For this, you have to post your finished packing on social media. If possible, make a video while packing and post it so that people know about your skills and people will themselves be drawn towards you. If you want, you can create a blog on your packing so that people can get information about it. Gradually, you will start benefiting from the promotion in social media.

How much can I earn per month by doing packing work sitting at home?

Friends, you can earn good money for the month by doing packing work sitting at home. If you do this work then you can earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 a month. For this you have to give time to this work. Because it takes a lot of hard work to earn so much amount in any work.

If you see from my point of view, then you can generate a passive income from this work. Meaning that you can earn good money for the month from this. For example, if you take this work from a company to do it and keep workers to do this work.

Workers means that if you take the people around you to work, then you can earn a passive income. You won't need to do much with it.

You just have to take the same from the company and give them to do it. For example, if a company gives you 20 rupees to pack a box and you can earn 2,000 rupees in 1 day.


If you want to generate passive income from this work, then if you hire workers and give them Rs 2 to Rs 5 per box, then you can earn good money without doing any work for a month. Friends, if you need a lot of work, then you can start packing.

Benefits of home packing business

1) Women do not need to go anywhere for this business. This work can be done from home itself.

2) By packing work, you can earn good profits in a short time.

3) With this business your thinking can grow more than ever.

4) This work does not require a lot of material.

5) People can be attracted through new ideas, which can make themselves known in less time.

6) The family members can also help you in this work.

7) It will be easy to run the household expenses through this work.

8) This business does not require any special training.

Many companies also provide packing work

Packing work is not a small work, but many companies are also in search of people for packing their products. There is no age bar for this work. This work can be easily done from home, the company bears the cost of all the materials for this. In return, the monthly salary is also in thousands. This work can prove to be very beneficial for you. You are also given a time limit to do this packing work.

If you want to do packing work, then many companies also give you packing work in which chocolate packing, tea leaf packing, spices packing, soap packing work. The company will bring all the goods to your home and you have to complete the work in due time and give it back to the company. This is a very simple and profitable job from which you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month.

Documents required to join a company

If you want to do packing work by joining any company, then for this you will need some necessary documents.

1) Aadhar Card

2) Residence Certificate

3) Income Certificate

4) Bank Account

Which company provides packing work?

If you want to work from home, then work can be done very easily for this. You can be confident and self-reliant by doing the packing work. For this, many types of companies provide packing work, out of which companies of bindi, tea leaves, incense sticks, chocolate, namkeen, spices give the work of packing. The best part is that in this the company itself brings all the goods to your home and after completion of the work, it also takes away all the goods from your house, which is a very good thing for the women of the house. In this way you can easily earn ₹ 20000 a month.


In this way we have seen that through the work of packing you can establish yourself and also bear the expenses of your family. If you are looking for any employment, then definitely turn to the business of packing once, it can benefit you a lot as well as your future can also be secured. Through this work, you will also be able to create a new identity in the society and will be able to move forward by becoming self-reliant.

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