Paper Plate Making Business Plan : Start paper plate making business, will have good profit

Paper Plate Making Business Plan Start paper plate making business, will make good profit : Paper plates are an alternative to steel, glass and ceramic materials which we often use in our daily life. Paper plates are not originally used in the first place, but are used as a substitute or for a specific use. In India, paper plates are of great importance because of their widespread use. If you are planning to start a paper plate making business then this is the right time to start your business. This industry is growing rapidly in India and the profit margin in manufacturing of plates is also very high.

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Paper plates are basically used in two categories. The first category is for domestic use and the second category is for business use. Quantity of first category of use used for domestic purpose, marriage, event, ceremony, picnic and travel purpose. (Small Business) Most of us use paper plates at weddings as the best way to serve the most without worrying about cleanliness or damage to the item. It is also very convenient, lightweight and economical.

On the other hand we have business usage. Commercial use is associated with street shops that offer eateries, street hawkers and the likes. This part consumes the most manufactured paper plates as the demand is regular and very large.

Paper Plate Making Business Plan

If you are planning to open a manufacturing center for Paper Plates (Startup Business) then you need to prepare a comprehensive and thorough business plan as this market is already big. Your plan should not be limited only to its manufacture but also to its supply and returns. Here we will discuss how you can open a paper plate manufacturing plant.

Requirements for opening a paper plate manufacturing plant

There is not much requirement to open a paper plate making business, you need some basic requirements which are mentioned below.

Land : Yes, you need a land where you can set up your manufacturing plant. The land should be such a place which has basic facilities so that you do not have much trouble. The size of the land is not a big issue as 100 square feet of land will also work.

Water : Water is an important part of the paper plate manufacturing business as it requires a constant supply of water to do so. This can also be seen as a disadvantage as the water requirement here is quite high.


Electricity is also an essential thing like water. You need a proper power supply to run your paper machine along with a water pump and other electronics. The power supply should be stable and proper with the required standard voltage so that your machine works well. (Small Business)

Raw Material : It is better that you get the raw material directly in the form of paper or paper rolls (Startup Business). Because making paper requires a lot of resources, money and time. You can get a lot of paper from local junk shops who can sell you those papers at very low rate per kg. One quintal or 1000 kg of paper can easily be brought for Rs 5000 to 7000.

Construction Machine:

A construction machine varies with the price. The most common variation comes in the number of paper plates produced per hour. Some machines produce 1000-2000 pieces per hour while some produce 4000-7000 pieces per hour. Also the design, quality and type of machines also vary. A typical machine will cost you around Rs 75,000 to Rs 500,000.

Labour : You may need at least two more people with you if you are also involved in manufacturing. It may not be very expensive but you need to give them proper training in the initial days.

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