Small Business Ideas: You can earn lakhs of rupees annually from poultry farming business

Small Business Ideas: You can earn lakhs of rupees annually from poultry farming business: Today we are going to tell you about such a business. Yes, you can do it anywhere, yes, we are talking about poultry farming business. Yes, you can do it easily, the demand for this business is also increasing. Because our demand for chicken meat is increasing day by day in the market. That's why you should also think about this poultry farming business. There is also a lot of profit in this business and there is not much investment in it. Poultry farming business can be started with only 1 lakh.

Small Business Ideas – You can earn lakhs of rupees annually from poultry farming business

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Whatever be the business, its success depends on you. If you do not know much about poultry farming. So first of all you must gather information about it. The space used in this business plays a big role. Keeping in view the increasing demand for meat of chickens in the world, at present, most of the poultry farming is being done for meat production. Much effort is not required during poultry farming in the form of meat. Because the chicken is ready for meat in about one and a half months. At present there are many such companies which follow it by giving profit per kg.

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Due to which the farmer brothers do not even need to sell it. Clean and long spaces are required for poultry farm or dairy farm. This is actually the most expensive part of this business, but there is no need to fear for it. For doing this business on a small scale, you can use the land around your house, because the length and width of the land used depends on the number of cattle or chickens raised. Some specific descriptions of the environment are given below.

Poultry Farm Business : How To Apply For Loan For Poultry Farming

The government implements many schemes to promote this poultry farm business. But people do not get information about these schemes and they are deprived of their benefits. Subsidy means that all the money needed is met through loans. In this way, you do not need to invest a single penny from your home.

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Many times people do not take advantage of these schemes thinking about various misconceptions like loans etc. Any bank gives easy loan for this work. In fact, the Government of India has given instructions to various banks of the country to give loans for farming. They are committed to provide Farming Loans. Along with this, the government also bears the risk of farming loan.

Land to start Poultry Farm Business

To start poultry farming, first of all land is needed. Before choosing the land of any place, the soil of that place should be tested. Because the pH value of the soil should be normal during poultry farming. Because if the pH value is more or less, many diseases are found in chickens. Due to which there is loss in business. The business of poultry farming does not require much space. Its business can be started in at least one thousand square feet.

Poultry Farm Business Income

Earning up to Rs 14 lakh annually, about 4,35,000 eggs are produced from 1500 hens at an average of 290 eggs per year. Even after wastage, if 4 lakh eggs can be sold, then one egg is sold at the rate of Rs 3.5. That is, in a year, only selling eggs will earn Rs 14 lakh. There is no income limit in poultry business.

Poultry Farm Business Income in this field depends on your hard work. Your income will also be in the same proportion as the spread of your business. 40 to 50 thousand rupees can be earned per month in the field of research and teaching. Depending on the experience and qualification in the private poultry farm, 20 thousand to 75 thousand can be earned per month.

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