Profitable Tour Guide Business : How To Start A Profitable Tour Guide Business

Profitable Tour Guide Business: Tour guide business opportunity demands historical information about the place and adequate knowledge of local culture where you are starting the business. This business is all about sharing information about places with a group of people in an entertaining way. An ambitious beginner, living in a tourist destination, having good communication skills can start this self-rewarding venture.

Profitable Tour Guide Business

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The average hourly salary for a tour guide is estimated to be 1000 per hour. US The average annual salary of a tour guide in the U.S. is $23,000.

10 Steps to Starting a Tour Guide Business

Find here a step by step guide to starting a tour guide business.

1. Explore Your Location

Studying and in-depth research about the location is the most important factor in starting a tour guide business. Learn everything you can about the place and gather enough knowledge. You need to know every interesting landmark of the place where you are starting the business. Study of local culture, food etc.

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2. Research the Market

It is very important to understand your competitors before you start practicing as a tour operator. Do extensive market research and collect information about tour packages of other local tour guide operators, their outlook, pricing, etc. This information will help you create creative standout tour packages for tourists that others are not offering.

3. Choose Your Target Market

There are many types of tourists with different mindsets. They can be adventure-lovers, photograph shooters, eco-loving tourists, tourists looking to explore local cultures, etc. Based on your location, set up your tour packages.

4. Name your business

The first thing you need to do before you really start is to name your tour guide business. Choose a relevant and related name. Read this guide and understand the process of proper naming of a business.

5. Register Your Tour Guide Business

After you have decided the name, it is time to register your business. Every state and country offers different options for registering a company. Options are generally a proprietorship, partnership, corporation. Talk to competent people, and decide on the most suitable business structure based on your resources. For example, if you are from the United States, it is best to form an LLC if you want to separate the business from personal liabilities.

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6. License for Tour & Travel Guide Business

To start a profitable tour guide business, you need to obtain the required license from the local authority. To become an enlisted tour guide you can apply for a license to the regional level tourist guide authorities.

7. Create a Business Plan

Write a detailed business plan based on the information gathered. Describe your objectives, operational plan, a financial plan including pricing strategy and your marketing plan in as much detail as possible. Remember, your business plan is your road map to success in business.

8. Open a Business Bank Account

After registering the business, open a business bank account. This is necessary to receive and pay for your business transactions.

9. Operations in Tour & Travel Guide Business

Keep yourself organized with an appointment schedule. Never be late Remember that your clients have their own tight schedules. You can also design unique trips to attract tourists. Take advice and tips from each person and consider being flexible. Make every trip fun and exciting for your customers. Another very important aspect is setting up proper bookkeeping. Choose the proper accounting software to ensure smooth accounting for your business.

10. Promote Your Tour & Travel Guide Business

To get success you need to promote your business aggressively both online and offline. Create your own business card and brochure with detailed information. Contact your local hotels, resorts and travel houses to do business with them. In today's world, every potential tourist researches online. Also, choose the best business insurance available.

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It is recommended to have a business website for your tour guide business. List your travel and tour guide business on online travel agent sites. Context is the most important thing to get clients in this business. Ask satisfied customers to share their experiences on your site. Promote your services on social media like Facebook, Twitter. Offer special discounts to online customers.

A personal business is a matter of your communication skills and behavior as a tour guide. Success is all about providing customers with the best time for their vacation and making them happy with a smile. Present yourself in a sensitive and friendly manner. When you're with a group, meet each person and introduce yourself.

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