Business Idea: Cultivation of these plants will earn Rs 6 lakh in one acre, know how to start

Business Idea: It costs a little more than the cultivation of traditional crops, but the earnings are bumper.

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Business Idea: If you want to earn lakhs of rupees through farming as well as job, then we are giving you a better idea. In this, even if you do not have a farm, you can still do farming. These days the trend of cultivation of medicinal plants is increasing rapidly in the country. Due to less production and more demand, the cultivating farmers are getting good income. Along with this, the government is also encouraging the cultivation of medicinal plants with the aim of increasing the income of the farmers.

For cultivation of medicinal plant, neither a large farm is required nor much investment is required. It is not even necessary to have your own farm for this type of farming. You can also take it on contract, nowadays many companies are cultivating Medicinal Plant on contract. To start their cultivation, you need to spend only a few thousand rupees, but the earning is in lakhs.

What things can be cultivated

Most of the herbal plants like Stevia, Shatavari, Sarpagandha, Tulsi, Artemisia annua, Liquorice, Aloe Vera, Shatavari, Isabgol can be cultivated. Some of these plants can also be grown in small pots. Due to its use in medicine and ayurveda, farmers get good price.

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Earn 3 lakhs in 3 months

Tulsi is usually associated with religious matters, but the cultivation of Tulsi with medicinal properties can be earned. There are several types of basil, which contain eugenol and methyl cinnamate. They are used to make medicines for serious diseases like cancer. It will cost only 15,000 rupees to grow basil on 1 hectare, but, after 3 months this crop is sold for about 3 lakh rupees.

Stevia farming will earn big money

The best thing about stevia cultivation is that there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides. Actually its plant is not harmed by insects. On the other hand, once the crop is planted, the yield is given for 5 years and every year the production increases. Farmers say that cultivating stevia in one acre area costs Rs 1 lakh and earning is up to Rs 6 lakh. That is, the farmer gets a net profit of 5 lakhs. This is the reason that today a large number of farmers are cultivating Stevia.

As the number of diabetes patients has increased in the country and the world, the demand for stevia is increasing rapidly. Stevia plant grows 60 to 70 cm tall. Stevia is a long lasting plant with many branches. The leaves of stevia may be like those of common plants, but they are 25-30 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is being cultivated in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Indore and Raipur in India. Stevia is cultivated in the world in countries like Paraguay, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and America.

Training is necessary

For cultivation of medicinal plant, it is necessary that you have good training so that you do not get cheated in future. The Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) in Lucknow provides training for the cultivation of these plants. The pharmaceutical companies also sign the contract with you through CIMAP, so that you will not have to wander here and there.

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